Axel Marmoret

Assistant Professor at IMT Atlantique (BRAIn team)

PhD Graduate in Signal Processing, Computer Science Engineer


My name is Axel Marmoret, I'm 26 years old, and I'm an Assistant Professor at IMT Atlantique in France.
My PhD has focused on structural segmentation of music, that is, techniques to retrieve simplified organisation of a song.
For this task, I have mainly studied three paths (for now):
    Nonnegative Tucker Decomposition (Tensor Algebra)
    - A tensor factorization technique, similar in some way to NMF (Nonnegative Matrix Factorization) which is largely studied in MIR. This work resulted in a publication at the ISMIR 2020 conference and a sumbission at the ICASSP 2022 conference (see the "Publications" page).

    Barwise Music Compression
    - Linear and non-linear compression models, applied to a barwise representation of a song. This compressed representation is then used to infer the song structure.

    Polytopic representation of music
    - A paradigm which defines a local cost on a musical segment. The goal is then to minimize a global cost. At this time, it's mainly based on previous work from other researchers, and only works for symbolic audio.
Finally, I am a music passionate (convenient for this subject !).
I also play drums (since 15 years or so), and I recently started bass (4 years ago).